Hello, and welcome to my personal site!


I have been interested in computers from very early age. My father is a machine engineer and he was very interested in machines, computers and anything science. He used to buy magazines on science and computers, so I became interested in them. Off course I started with gaming, as everybody else, first on Spectrum when my brother got one. Then my father bought an Amstrad CPC 464 when I promised to have a highest grade in math (that was the only year I had a highest grade in math). Off course that summer was just games, but later I started some programming on Amstrad but that was as far as I went with programming. Instead I turned to the artistic side, and started with some graphics and sound programs on Amstrad. For many years I didn't have money to buy a new computer, so I continued learning about computers through magazines. Much later I was finally able to buy a 386 PC and after that a 486, 586, 686 and so on and so on. I learned so much from that time, that even today I make my on custom PC.

I was hooked on CG animation from mid '90s when I saw a documentary film on how they made "The Mind's Eye" movies.
I played a lot of games and tried many programs throughout the years, but I discovered my passion for making 2D and 3D graphics when I watched a tutorial made by Alex Alvarez. And I was blown away by the idea of how it is made and that I can also make something similar.
Since then I mostly experimented with the software and I didn't finish any idea mostly because my hardware was not powerful enough for rendering. I also struggled with the software, because I had to learn everything by myself.

So, actually I made this site for the Lost Lands game, which also started as a test idea, but as it grew, I wanted to have something that I finished. So in the past year or so I made it happen, as it is described on Lost Lands game page.

Recently I picked up some of my many other hobbies, amongst them photography, so I wanted to share some of my work with the world.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments.
Thanks for visiting.