I created Lost Lands Game out of love and appreciation for Myst adventure game series I have. 


Actually, the whole thing started as a test map. I started to model the game with my old hardware, and I had to have some compromises in world detail and the number of polygons, so I had to make some cuts for what I had in mind.

The rendering was the toughest because of my old machine, and it took nearly a year to render. I was not even sure that I could finish the game. Near the end I got a couple of Xeon CPUs (and I modded some motherboards to fit them in to), but I didn't want to throw away all that work, so I continued to render the scene with the Xeons and I was able to finish the rendering of the game frames and all the animations in practically a few weeks.

I looked for game engine for a long time and settled on 'Adventure Maker ©'. It is the best engine I found for what I had in mind for this game. I wanted to create this game for modern monitors with full HD resolution, and it doesn't work correctly on smaller resolutions, but it is playable.

I had to distribute the game in ISO format, because the browsers are having trouble downloading EXE files. There are a few ways to install the game.
First of all you have to download the LostLands.iso file by clicking on the image. Then you might:

1. burn the LostLands.iso file to a DVD and install the game from DVD, or
2. open the LostLands.iso file with the Daemon Tools © or similar software and install it from there, or
3. extract the LostLands.iso file with the WinRAR © archiver and install it by double clicking on setup.exe file.

If you have problems playing the animations you can download and install the newer version of xvid codec from: www.xvid.com

So, this actually is not the complete game, this is just the first part but if you like it, send me a comment so I might continue working on it.

I hope you enjoy this game. Click here to download.


This game requires full HD 1920x1080 resolution to work correctly.